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  • Road Rage Season Edition 4

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Road Rage Season Edition 4

Checkout the new Road Rage: Season Edition 4, featuring a return of the Hatchet, as well are a review of the victory for all round.

Life Members Bowls Day

The annual life members bowls day is coming up on Sunday the 3rd of March as the Edwardstown bowling club. It’s a great opportunity for both previous and current members to catch up and reminisce about the good old days. This year introduces the Kevin Donaldson Memorial Trophy for the winning team. So come on down for a great day of bowls, drinks and stories.

Road Rage Season Edition 3

Checkout the new Road Rage: Season Edition 3. Includes a heat policy for training, and a congratulations to Jimmy Colley on his 100th game for the club.

Road Rage Season Edition 2

Checkout the new Road Rage: Season Edition 2. Includes a profile of the Secretary, words from our VP, and the latest game results.

Thursday Trainings

Until Christmas all Thursday trainings will be held at Pasadena High School. While the groundworks are underway at Edwardstown we are taking advantage of the oval and facilities at Pasadena to work on all aspects of our games. Tomorrow we’ll start with center wicket practice, so get on down.

Road Rage Season Edition 1

Checkout the new Road Rage: Season Edition 1. Includes a profile of the Pres, words from our Training coordinator, and the latest game results.

Message from the Chairman of Selectors

Selection Policy

Over winter, our committee took on the challenge of creating a selection policy to serve as a cultural backbone for 2018/19. We believe our players, both current and future, deserve to understand the clubs position as it applies to every member of our great club.

Our thoughts revolved around our values of equality, fairness, transparency, diversity and multi-cultural inclusion. Creating a level playing field for all and selecting players based primarily on their performance and ability was of importance to us.

Further in the spirit of cricket and the interests of the club, selecting players in a grade most appropriate is central to the enjoyable challenge of cricket and provides a broader opportunity for individual growth and development.

The selection policy is available in the first edition of the Road Rage. I’m available anytime to discuss.


Matt Altus – our current Vice-President plays his 100th game for South Road in Round 3. Serving on the majority of committees over the past 10 years and a multi-year captain, his contribution and leadership set him apart as one of the most consistent performers for our club in recent history. Maltus, like most keepers, is underrated with the ball and is tipped by sources to double his 23 wicket club tally this year.

I’m ecstatic to announce Matt as our B Grade Captain for the coming season.

Dan O’Hara – the green tin swilling, tobacco rolling leg-spinner dropped onto the South Road scene in the later half of last season. With his enthusiasm for the game, clear-thinking and calm nature, he was quickly identified as leadership quality. Off the back of a strong winter T20 tournament of ripping wickets and smashing pickets, DOH is set to dominate the Section 7 field.

I’m overcome with emotion to announce Dan as our C Grade Captain.

We are still in contract negotiations for the D Grade captaincy. Further announcement closer to the first game.

Shaun Krutli