• Round 2 D Grade report by Mark ‘Warney’ Mitton

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Round 2 D Grade report by Mark ‘Warney’ Mitton

Round 2 Review- Keswick IV vs South Road IV @ Seaview PS

Day of the Ewers

South Road IV were looking forward to playing in Round 2 after receiving a forfeit from Woodcroft in Round 1. They would be without skipper, Roger Nunn, who would be sorely missed and was a big loss. We’re all thinking of you, Nunny!

Standing in for Nunny was Aaron Schmidt, who possessed a powerful line up (more…)

Training Thursday 20th October

Training this Thursday Night 20th October will be held on the centre wicket at Edwardstown Oval from 5pm.

Following training the Clubrooms will be open.

** Tea Available – $5 Steak Sandwiches **

Training Thursday 6th October

Training this Thursday Night 6th October will be held on the centre wicket at Edwardstown Oval from 5pm.

Following training the Clubrooms will be open, BBQ cooking and Round 1 teams announced.

Please support your club and be in attendance.

Season 2016-2017 Update

Cricket Season is only 3 weeks away. Some important updates for everyone.

As previously announced Paul Amato will lead the A Grade (Section 1) this Season.
Luke Slattery has been appointed B Grade Captain (Section 3).
Roger Ross will lead the C Grade (Section 5) and Roger Nunn will again skipper the D Grade (Section 9).
Congratulations to all Captains. (more…)


The 2016/17 season is fast approaching. Below is a list of training dates for the upcoming preseason.

Training Dates

FUN is to be the focus on training. We welcome your input on what you would like to see at training this year. What do you need work on? The B,C & D Grade Captains will be announced shortly and the training coordinators will work with the captains and implement some drills that will help you achieve your objectives for the year. (more…)

A Grade Captain 2016-2017

Introducing our ‘A’ Grade Captain for the 2016/17 Season;

Paul ‘Tommy’ Amato.

Congratulations to Tommy and all the best for the upcoming season. Let’s all get behind him and ensure we have a successful season in all 4 Grades.

A bit of background and a short message from Tommy; (more…)

2016/2017 Upcoming Milestones

Looking forward to Season 2016/17, here are some players who are in reach of individual milestones.

300 GAMES – D.Williams (currently 297).
250 GAMES – P.Petersen (236)
150 GAMES – C.Farrant (143), G.Coles (142), N.Bohn (140), D.Roberts (139).
100 GAMES – J.Norrish (96), S.Potts (96), G.Anderson (85).

3000 RUNS – D.Percival (2778), N.Bohn (2694).
2000 RUNS – D.Williams (1934), S.Potts (1861), A.Ross (1851), A.Hartlett (1675).
1000 RUNS – B.Hyland (960), G.Anderson (918).

500 WICKETS – P.Peterson (482).
400 WICKETS – A.May (382).
200 WICKETS – D.Vertue (181).
150 WICKETS – A.Ross (136).

2016/2017 ASCA Programming

At the Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association Meeting on Tuesday Night a motion was passed for 7 + 7 programming in ALL GRADES.
There a still some details to be worked through but it will look something like this;
8 Teams per section which will increase the Total Number of Sections to 9.
7 x 2 Day Games
7 x 1 Day Games programmed mainly around the Christmas / New Year period.
Each Team will play every other team twice, 1 x 2 Day Game and 1 x One Dayer.
At this stage it looks as though we will have Teams in Sections 1, 3, 5 and 8.

Stats Updated

For all Bruce McAvaney fans out there the SRCC Stats have been updated…. special.

Check the Club Records Link in the Menu above.

Most Games
A.May now the 18th most capped player for SRCC (182 games), up from 23rd.
N.Bohn, 35th (140 games), up from 40th.
D.Roberts, 37th (139 games), up from 38th.

Most Runs
S.Krutli moves into 12th for most runs for SRCC (4,163 runs), up from 13th.
D.Percival, 25th (2778 runs), up from 27th.
N.Bohn, 28th (2694 runs), up from 30th.
G.Hartlett, 42nd (2237 runs), up from 46th.

Most Wickets
D.Roberts, 35th (164 wkts), up from 37th.

Top 100 Batting Performances
S.Krutli scored the 39th Highest Score for the Club making 135 v Sheidow Park last Season
D.Ewers’ 115 v Morphettville last year was the 89th Highest Score made for SRCC.

No New Entries in the Top 100 Bowling Performances last year. Likewise, no new Partnership records set last year. Delicious.