South Road Cricket Club

South Road Cricket Club

Women’s Cricket coming to Edwardstown

This season, for the first time, women and girls will be able to play cricket at South Road in all-female teams. We are aiming to make it possible for female players to build their cricket skills and be confident on the field, whether batting, bowling, keeping or fielding.

For the first part of the season, we will be hosting SACA’s 6-week Super Cricket competition at Edwardstown on Thursday nights. Female players of all ages and cricket experience are invited. Because of the shorter format, games run for around 70 minutes, starting from 5:30. All players get a chance to bat and bowl. The program is free, and SACA will provide all equipment and coaching. Food and beverages will be available for purchase from both the canteen and bar.

If you know any girls or women who are interested in cricket and want to give it a go, please let them know that they can play at Edwardstown on Thursday nights from October 31st to December 5th. The more people we have, the better will be our competition, so please help spread the word.

For more information, head to the SACA Super Cricket website or contact Joanna on 0467 048 996. 

In 2020, a similar competition will be run for 6-8 weeks. More details will be released soon, once the format has been finalised.

Women's Social Pairs Registrations are now open