South Road Cricket Club

South Road Cricket Club

2020-21 Season Start Announcement

Hi Roadies,

We hope you’re keeping safe and well and have been enjoying your off-season. We also hope you’re ready for a new season of cricket at SRCC!

ASCA (our cricketing overlords) have recently let us know their intentions to run a full season of cricket this year:

“Our hope is to start on Saturday October 10th and this will allow us the 23 weekends required to fit in a 7+7 season and two weeks of finals.”

This season is not set in stone yet and is subject to change depending on various circumstances such as COVID-19, however we have a goal to work towards.

As a part of setting up the season, ASCA is looking to determine the number of teams playing for each club. To determine team numbers for SRCC, we need to know your intentions to play this year. Please click the button below and fill out the form to register your interest in playing this season, or contact us via the details below.


Aaron Schmidt, President.
Phone: 0430 021 525  Email:

Todd Andrews, Club Captain.
Phone: 0452 299 985  Email:

Phil Easson, Secretary.
Phone: 0413 010 695  Email: